Tailor-made furniture production


From stand-alone devices to automated units to fully networked devices -- we help you find the right solution for your individual needs, thereby enabling you to maintain continued success.

Through the combination of storage, handling, transportation and workpiece processing to achieve personalized networked production. Whether it is the flexibility of a wide range of products through custom production or the efficiency of series production - we can find the right solution for you.

Customized production and production to order
With the diversification of product types, it is essential to achieve production costs that meet market demands through optimal resource utilization, short processing time and low inventory. You can use our industry knowledge, long experience and comprehensive expertise in the broadest product categories to provide you with a total solution.

Each efficiency level corresponds to a solution:

450 to 800 workpieces per shift
800 to 1200 workpieces per shift
1200 to 1600 workpieces per shift
Up to 6000 workpieces per shift

If your requirements are not listed here, please contact us!

When the free shape and complex machining need to be fully automated production, the production technology requirements are higher. We use intelligent solutions to expand CNC machining centers into production units with automatic material handling and special auxiliary tasks. We provide solutions through mutually compatible, networked machines. As a result, you can achieve economical, up to industrial custom production.

Achieve productivity through serial production
Without powerful and reliable machines, people can not imagine today's plate furniture manufacturing status quo. We provide you with just the equipment to meet your needs. The best solution through a combination of warehousing, handling, shipping, and workpiece processing is a safe production approach that will guarantee your success. For the production of a series of furniture - through the perfect cost performance to convince your customers.

Number of jobs per shift -- you'll get a better idea because it defines the efficiency of the implementation. Mass production and production of the same parts per shift can increase your return on investment.

We define this unit precisely for your machine and divide it into different efficiency levels:

3000 workpieces/production line per shift
8000 workpieces/vertical and horizontal production lines per shift
Series production of up to 25,000 workpieces/per shift



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